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4 logo variations you need for your business and its importance


Many businesses or entrepreneurs think that logo is their Branding. A logo is just a part of branding. Rather it’s just a part of the Graphical representation of your brand. And this article will explain you why you would need logo variations and how to use them.

Branding is a visual presentation of your business’s values, goals, strategy & messaging. It’s a reflection of your brand’s emotion for the right audience. Your business cannot serve each and every one. Your Strategically crafted branding will get you in front of the right audience at right time.

A logo is a graphical representation of your brand’s values, emotions & strategy.

So your logo is not your Branding & your brand is not just your logo.

Why do you need logo variations?

Having just one logo is not enough as your business will have different marketing materials & Packaging which will have your logos. Some of them will have your main logo, some will have just a sub-mark logo. We need logo variations so that our brand is well presented on any medium or any kind of space, where a full primary logo cannot be presented.

Here are basic logo variations that your brand needs.

#1 Primary Logo
logo variations - primary logo

A primary logo is a full presentation of your brand, which can include your graphics, tagline, year, or any other element that represents your brand. This is the most detailed & fully represents your brand. This logo needs a good breathing space or a larger space to present on, hence it is used in larger collaterals, website headings, or anywhere that has breathing space. Other logo variations are normally branched out of the primary logo.

#2 Secondary Logo
secondary logo

A secondary logo is many times an alternate logo of the primary logo. This logo gives you more flexibility when working in different scenarios. This logo can be a different composition from the primary logo with the same elements rearranged in a different way like a square or circular composition. This can also be a simplified version in a different composition. These can be used in business cards, brand stationery, and anywhere, that the primary logo doesn’t fit well.

#3 Sub-mark Logo
submark logo

A sub-mark logo is a more simplified version of the primary logo, where it is simplified to using just brand initials or main graphics of the brand. This logo is used where there is not enough space to use the primary or secondary logo. It can be used as your social media profile picture, footers of the website, etc.

#4 Favicon

Favicon is an alternative to a sub-mark logo, which is used in the website browser bar, next to the URL of the website. It is a more simplified sub-mark with brand esthetics.

Now that you know, how important it is to have logo variations, it is equally important to have the right colors for your brand. Download a step-by-step guide to help you choose appropriate brand colors, which will eventually help you reach your audience landing you more sales.

Here are some free resources for designing your logos:

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