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Free Branding Checklist for your Small Business

branding checklist

People are very intricated by the word ‘Branding’ when they are starting any small business or anything new. They never think about Branding their business at the first stage of their business. And believe me, I have also gone through the same stage. Before working on my Brand – Indesigndigital Studio, I also used many other directions for my work, and not really branding my business made me do things that were really not for my business. I also changed the name a few times before arriving at my Branding for Indesigndigital Studio.

Having my Branding in place has helped me give a proper direction to my business & helped me reach my correct target audience, who can connect to my business. And I can help them in a much better way to achieve their goals.

Why is Branding important for your business?

Branding helps you define a vision for your business. It provides you with a path or a direction to your business. Proper Branding puts forward your Brand’s message in front of the correct target audience. This in return connects your brand to your audience’s emotions, which can strategically get you leads and then sales.

Branding Checklist

I have defined a few points that you can consider as a Branding Checklist when you are starting out or even if you have an established Business.

  • Brand Strategy
    1. What is your why?
    2. Brand Mission Statement
    3. Target Audience
    4. Ideal Client Avatar
    5. Brand Voice & Messaging
    6. Tagline
  • Brand Identity
    1. Moodboard
    2. Color Palette
    3. Logos
    4. Typography + Fonts
    5. Brand Patterns
    6. Brand Guide
    7. Stock Images/Brand Photography
  • Brand Touch Points
    1. Website
    2. Brand Stationery
    3. Social Media Graphics
    4. Print Materials
    5. Lead Magnets
    6. Packaging
    7. Media Kits

When you get to the point where you are designing logos, you can check out the blog posts about logo variations and their importance.

Blog copy leadmagnet banner

These are a few things that you need to get started with Branding. Hope this Branding Checklist helps you to Start with the branding.

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