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A Fool-Proof Formula for Easy Moodboard to generate brand colors


So what is a Moodboard & how are they used?

Moodboard is typically a collage of images. It gives a basic look and feels or the concept of anything you want to create. Moodboards are used by graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers, photographers, and many more. They are a starting point for creating concepts. Graphic designers use it as a starting point for creating brandings, websites, etc. whereas interior designers use it to decide on the look & feel of the work they are working on.

Some examples of mood boards are:

Image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest

Let’s do some research.

Before we can even jump into the first step of creating a moodboard, we need to do some research on who is your target audience & who your competition is.

You may have an idea of who do you want to serve? But creating a client avatar will give you a good idea of who is your target audience & client. Try answering a few questions like:

  1. What’s their gender? Are you targeting females or males or both?
  2. What is their age?
  3. What are the problems they have?
  4. What are their dreams, goals, and wishes? What will they achieve by using your product or service?

I talk about this in detail in my freebie. Download the freebie here or click on the image below.

Blog copy leadmagnet banner

Not that you have the client avatar created, next we will do a little research on your competitors. This will give you an idea of what works best in your industry. Try answering a few questions below:

  1. List 3 competitors
  2. Check what colors they are using.
  3. See what vibe their brand gives you eg. playful, feminine, bold

Build a Moodboard

Pinterest is my go-to tool to search for anything. We will need images to put on the moodboard. Create a Pinterest board for your moodboard. Search for images and start adding them to the board. Search images based on your target audience & competitor’s research.

You can also search images on free stock photos sites like Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay. Just download the image or add them to your Pinterest board to download later.

Now that you have the images ready, let’s compile them to one moodboard. By now you must be having 15-20 images on your Pinterest board. Pick a few about 5 -10 images, that goes with your brand perfectly. Now compile these images in a collage using Photoshop or Canva.

Here your Moodboard is ready!

You can also create 2-3 moodboards to compare which moodboard vibe goes perfectly with your brand. Happy creating!!

Next we will have to create color palette. You can find the blog post about how to create color palette for your brand.

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